First of all, I am very happy to see you here.

My name is Daniel Stawiarz. I am 28 years old, father of my little girl and husband of my lovely wife.

When I am not at home I like to develop my passion, which is QUALITY. I am a polish guy who came to live in the UK in 2015 to gain and expand my CMM & Quality knowledge. I started my career in 2012 at Federal-Mogul, where I was a Quality Inspector, dealing with automotive pistons. After that I went to work for Pratt & Whitney, a global aerospace company, where I gained my first experience and learning of CMM programming Zeiss Calypso.

Since arriving in the UK I have been working in several different industries in order for me to become a dynamic quality specialist.

These are the companies I have been working for:

Amtek Auto Ltd


D&S Engineering

Chamberlin & Hill.

In April 2018 I started my own business which is D&S Quality LTD and I have become a CMM Specialist working as a contractor. My last place was at Eaton in Havant where I trained staff in both operating and programming Calypso Zeiss. Whilst there I have been doing CMM Training, wrote over 100 programs, edited over 50 existing programs in 12 months. After all that effort I have finally arrived at my goal, I am working at Mercedes AMG HPP Formula F1. I still have a plenty of time to help you out either remotely or on site. Just drop me a message. All the best

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