Basic Calypso CMM Training £1700

Course Length: 3 days (24 hours)
•CMM overview, startup and basic maintenance
•XYZ coordinate system
•Working with the automatic probe changer
•Qualifying stylus systems (probes)
•Running an existing program
•Running a partial program
•Troubleshooting crashes
•Creating features by manual probing
•Understanding vectors
•Setting up a base alignment
•Controlling probe travel
•Clearance planes
•Probe retract settings
•Measuring size and distance
•Measuring form, orientation and position
•Constructing intersections
•Creating constructed features from measured features
•Probe scanning settings
•Exporting results to a printout or file

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Advanced Calypso CMM Training £2000

Course Length: 3 days (24 hours)
•Programming from a CAD model
•Start alignments
•Secondary alignments •Simple secondary alignments
•3D Best-fit
•Working with different clearance planes and probe directions
•Move points, sub-clearance planes and user prompts
•Measuring profile with 2D and 3D curves
•Linear and rotational Patterns
•Constructing theoretical features
•Advanced intersections
•Cone calculations
•Perpendicular lines
•Theoretical points, lines and planes
•Bolt circles
•More GD&T in Calypso
•Filtering scanned points
•Measurement Plan Editor
•Transfer format tool
•Creating form plots
•Diagnosing out-of-tolerance results
•Running multiple parts efficiently
•Optimizing a program for speed
•Measuring flexible parts and using delicate probes
•Other advanced programming techniques and settings

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Custom Designed Training £100 / hour

•Focus on your business
•One-on-one instruction
•Flexible scheduling
•Remote sessions via web conference
•All skill levels

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Offline / Online Programming

I need to see a technical drawing
to get a free estimate how much
it will cost and how long it will takes
Usually is around £50 an hour for CMM programming
or we can agree between us final price for the project.

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